USA Facility

Pacific Metals Group specializes in the Aerospace industry, we provide services to a variety of industries: including Defense, Electronics, Hardware, Medical, Special Devices, Appliance, Recreation and Telecommunications.  Pacific Metals Group has grown rapidly through acquisitions involving five different companies, all with expertise in metal stamping and forming.  Our acquisitions include R&R Stamping, Smith Mailer, Pacific Stamping, CME Metal Forming and Make All Enterprises, all now co-located and under our management.   We offer a complete range of metal forming services including:  Stampings, Tooling,  Assembly, Welding, Riveting, and Polishing located in the city of Ontario, California.  Our 68,000 square foot facility is fully equipped  with state of the art equipment  ready to service our customers.  We can provide expedited prototypes as well as complete finished parts including other assemblies.

China Facility

China Facility

Pacific Metals Group has expanded with a second facility in Shenzhen, China.  We are now able to offer our customer the benefit of low-cost manufacturing together with our USA engineering support for new product design as well as for existing parts.  Our China production line comprises 50,000 square feet of metals stamping and 175,000 square feet of plastic and composite work.

(Note:  Certain defense products may be required to be produced in our USA facility, Itar items only)

Goals and Philosophy

Pacific Metals Group is focused on providing our customers exceptional service and quality products, delivered on time, and at the right price.

We continue to invest in the latest technology and equipment to improve our high quality parts and customer service. The demands of our customers, in response to rapid global change, require us to continually invest in our people.

Pacific Metals Group, LLC is committed to supply our customers with products and services that will meet or exceed applicable requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS.


MEET or exceed the applicable requirements.

COMPLY with all applicable regulations.

Continuously IMPROVE our products and QMS effectiveness.

Continual implementation and review of the quality objectives supports the success and improvement of the above policy.

· Annual, measurable quality and customer service goals are determined with an emphasis on continuous improvement. These specific goals shall be monitored and communicated throughout the organization.

· Regular management reviews provide the basis to assess the effectiveness of the quality system and the suitability of this policy.

PMG is committed to fulfilling all requirements of their customer while also supporting all interested parties involved. Interested parties may include the customer, material or process suppliers, regulatory authorities, certification organizations, and employees at PMG.
Qsfrm 5.2-001, Rev NC – Quality Policy Statement

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