Our tooling staff are well-trained journeymen who turn concepts into production using the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. PMG tooling engineers are leaders in the design and manufacture of full progressive dies, compound dies, semi-progressive dies, deep drawn dies and single line dies.  We strive to deliver low tool costs and shorter tool lead times by utilizing our  plant in China for non-ITAR tool production.  We have developed excellent tooling teams in both our China and USA locations.   This two-team strategy combines  American design with low cost labor to build the tools to high standards.  All tooling maintenance is done in-house and we maintain records at our PMG Ontario plant.  We utilize spare tool inserts for all high-volume jobs, ensuring uninterrupted production.  Tool break downs are never an issue at PMG.

Most projects start with intensive R&D, so our engineers work closely with our tooling experts.  All prototypes are done in-house using our latest technology and equipment.

Tooling improvements require more complex manufacturing equipment.  At PMG, we have the right equipment to match your manufacturing challenges.

Tooling Design

Our engineers fully review and preliminarily approve your  tool design before it enters the functional phase of  our evaluation. We may elect to make careful adjustments to the die design and to the final production tools; for example, we may select ultra-high strength die components after evaluating the tool design.  We also simulate each manufacturing process as necessary to correct potential problems with stresses, surface finish, edge conditions, burrs, material cracking, and feature size tolerances.  We analyze the variation between each progression to make sure parts meet our customers’ requirements.

Our engineers are experts at identifying the proper sequence of part development to create high-quality finished parts at the lowest cost. Determining the optimal order for each station in the die is the most critical step of tool design and is essential to a successful manufacturing process. This step is also the most engineering intensive and requires knowledge of many disciplines including material shearing, forming, spring back during heat treat which will affect die design, die materials, die building, die maintenance, and manufacturing set-up.

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