Pacific Metals Group has multiple in-house welding capabilities which are all AS9100 certified. Our welding processes enhance our core capabilities and with this added value we can deliver finished assemblies to our customers. Through many years of experience we have become masters at thin-wall aluminum TIG/MIG welding application for the aerospace industry. Various materials often welded include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon and nickel alloys. Our welders are certified through accredited programs to ensure top quality.

Spot Welding of aluminum alloys per MIL-W-6858D & AWS D17.2/D17.2M, up to .125″ thick. Pacific Metals Groups has an established certified welding process which is validated through coupon testing for shear strength, cross-section “nugget” dimension and porosity through in-house photolytic testing.

For further insurance and variable elimination we have the latest Miyachi MM-122A Weld Monitor which will monitor all vital weld schedule perimeters and stop the spot welding if any of the limits are out of acceptability range.

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